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        Convert the business from trade management  to brand management, convert the company from a product traders to a systemic trade service provider.
        Brand operation: vicshine sees brand as independent resource and capital, and then positions it the dominant factor to relate, drives and combines other resource and capital, in order to fulfill the maximum economic benefits and social benefits. To develop brand operation, we firstly change the cognition of the customer, comes true the value of the customer, because the approval of the customer is the key that get success in the competition
        Service provider: Service provider is a kind of operation pattern that the necessary of the customers can satisfy smoothly, and provides all-around value-added service. The service system covers the traditional items as pre-sale in-sale and after sale, also including to work out the characteristic product ,service item and criterion that the customer required. all in all, we should provide value-added service on the basic of get a well know of the customer.