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Огненное стекло 
The fireproof glass sold by Wickson has been tested by the National Glass Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the fire rating can reach 1.0h, and the actual fire resistance time is more than 70 minutes.
Single piece fireproof glass: with strong safety. Its strength is 2-3 times that of tempered glass, and the fragments reach the microcrystalline state.
The maximum surface stress of Wickson fire-proof glass can reach 210MPA. After fine grinding, polishing and rounding, the probability of glass self explosion is greatly reduced. Excellent performance, the product has been burnt for many times, and the pass rate is 100% up to now. The price is moderate and the cost performance ratio is extremely high. Single piece fireproof glass can realize conformable processing. It can be processed into fireproof laminated glass, fireproof insulating glass, fireproof coated glass, etc.
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