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Laminated glass

Product Profile
Laminated glass is made of two or more layers glass and one or several layers PVB, Under high temperature. This product is safe and has good lighting, fresh and elegant.

Product characteristics
1.Good safety, this product is anti-knock, can bear force and impact, PVB has high binding power, when the glass is broken into pieces, the pieces won’t splash and hurt people.
2.Has high visibility: even if the glass suffer force and impact, the broken pieces adhesive with the PVB, and it also can keep visibility.
3.The PVB has abundant colors, can fulfill the requirement of the modern decoration.

1.It is used widely in curtain wall. ceiling, bank, jewelry shop, school and villa and other places which require high safety.
2.windscreen, the windows of the automobile and ship.
3.Decoration and furniture.
4.Bulletproof glass pressurization observation window

Products specification
The thickness of PVB(mm): 0.38,0.76,1.14,1.52

Maximum specification(mm):3660×2440
Minimum specification(mm):1220×2440

Sizes can be cut according to the customer’s requests and provide you with reasonable packing plan.

Quality standard
Comply with GB9962-1999.
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