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Tempered glass

Tempered glass is made of average glass which is heated up to the softening point then we do cold treatment, make the inner of the glass existing inner stress forever, the inner tensile stress is balanced with the outside. This product changed the physical properties of the glass, overcome the instinct usability, expand the range of application.

Product characteristics
1.Safety:tempered glass will be favaginous small obtuse angle particle, so it can not hurt people.
2.Mechanical strength: shock resistance, high bending strength.
3.Heat stability: tempered glass has high heat stability, it can bear rapidly change of the temperature, and has good heat-resisting property.

Product application
Tempered glass belong to safety glass, it is widely used in the place where require high mechanical strength and safety. Such as glass curtain wall, high-ranking shop-window, shower house,glass armrest of the escalator, windows and doors of balcony, glass partition, gym and so on.

Products specification
Maximum specification(mm):4800×2440
Minimum specification(mm):500×300

Quality standard
Accord with China GB15763.2-2005

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