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Low-E glass

Product price thickness
4mm,light transmittance:80%, price RMB 25.00/M2
5mm,light transmittance:80%, price RMB 30.00/M2

Product characteristics
1.Online hard coating, the film is very hard.
2.Stable performance, long storage life, long life of usage.
3.Transparent and natural color appearance, low light reflection.
4.High light transmission and desirable solar gain.
5.High durability, easy handling, easy processing (cutting, laminating, tempering, Bending, screen-printing)
6.Can be used as single glazing (surface position #2).
7. No edge deletion and no special handling for IGU.

1.Housing, public buildings.
2.Oven, freezer, wine cabinet, beverage display cabinet, disinfection cabinet, and various other commercial display cabinets.

Products specification
Normal Size(mm):2440×1650,2440×1830,3300×2140,3300×2440

Sizes can be processed according to the customer’s requests and provide you with reasonable packing plan.

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