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Clear pattern glass

Pattern glass is a kind of one or both sides with concave and convex pattern half crystal decoration flat glass which processed with special repression craft. Its unique decoration on one hand can get the full light, on the other hand it can effectively limit and prevent a clear perspective and play a good hidden effect..

Product characteristics
1.The flower designs are rich and colorful, unique decorative effect. Sometimes it’s blurring hazy quiet and bright lively, and sometimes it’s simple and elegant, or bold and imaginative.
2.Three-dimensional sense decorative patterns, the pattern never fade.
3. Products can be processed in cutting, edge polishing, drilling, tempered and silk screen laminated etc.

Product specifications

Thickness(mm):3, 4, 5, 6

Normal sizes(mm):1830×1220, 2000×1500, 2134×1524, 2440×1524, 2440×1830

Quality standard

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