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Compound prepainted steel coil series

Products colors:
Red, Blue, White, Pattern, Printing, Wood grain etc.

Products sizes:
Thickness: 0.2mm to 1.0mm
Wide: 1 meter to 1.25 meter

Products feature:
Prepainted steel sheet/coil with a lightweight appearance and good corrosion resistance, convenient to direct processing, providing a new material for the construction, automotive industry, furniture industry, electrical industry , and playing a role on steel to wood replacement , durable in use; it convenient to form, faster in construction; colorful and beautiful appearance; good effects on energy saving and pollution preventing.
Our company can provide you with a range of products, from polyester to polyvinylidene fluoride products, different product surfaces - embossed products, printing products, to the different types of color and surface structure, if you have special requirements for products, we can tailor-made for you, using our prepainted steel coil, you will receive complete product technology services and solutions to solve your worries.

    Fire-resistant core material  tongued and grooved panel ( sealing strip edge)

    EPS core material  hidden corrugated roof panel

    Fire-resistant core material  hidden corrugated roof panel

    EPS core material  Lap type corrugated roof panel

    EPS core material  Locking corrugated  panel

    EPS core material  Super high hidden tongued and grooved panel

    EPS core material super high Small ripple tongued and grooved panel


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