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Light and heavy steel series


This system is variable section beam column connection system,it has excellent span size, and does not require a higher clearance. It has   small roof slope and can save cost of heating and heat preservation.   The system can basically meet many use of the building, is the most   economical design.


This system has greater span for the inner column, one, two or three rows of column, will not block the people andgoods in the workshop.The economic design of this system is suitable for the office, warehouse and other building for business purpose.


The roof slope of this system is small, the appearance is more beautiful, and also eliminate the useless loft to save the cost of heating. The wall columns and beams flush around outside, wall line succinct, has the very good commercial value.


Because the inner column in the system, so that it can span up to tens of meters. The economic design makes it suitable for storage warehouses and Exhibition Hall.


The roof slope is small, and it is single slope. The column increases the internal space, and formed a single drainage area.



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