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Painted glass

Painted glass is a kind of decorative glass which made by painting one side of glass to display a certain color, painted glass has versatile usage, has been successfully used as glass curtain wall, desktop, countertops, closet doors, partitions, tub and shower protection. The main colors are black, red and white.

Product characteristics
1.Water resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
2.Use of environmentally friendly coatings, health and safety.
3.Extremely strong adhesion, not easy to fall off.
4.Non-slip performance.
5.UV resistant, anti-color aging.
6.Selective colors.
7.Weathering resistance and strong adhere with structural sealant.
8.Stain resistance, easy to clean.

Products specification
Normal Size(mm):2440×1830,3300×2140,3660×2140

Sizes can be processed according to the customer’s requests and provide you with reasonable packing plan.

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